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Verve is committed to keeping our members educated when it comes to their finances by providing details on financial risks and ways to stay safe.Valentine's Day celebrates couples and togetherness, making this time of year difficult for the unattached.The Financial Risk of Online Dating Online dating site users typically have similar goals—to find a relationship, and hopefully the love of their lives.In some cases, online dating site users have ulterior motives, like one man from Rockland, Maine who allegedly stole thousands of dollars from the women he was dating.As with dating offline, online dating carries the risk of heartbreak, but in some cases, online dating also carries the risk that someone will try to break your wallet as well!Learn how to recognize when someone is trying to exploit you financially in an online dating relationship.What You Should Do These tips can help protect you from financial risks on online dating sites: How Verve Can Help Verve tries to prevent members from becoming victims of online scams by automatically putting a seven-day hold on suspicious checks.

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This site charges members a fee per month for membership.

With over 20 million members, radio and TV advertisements and a vast internet presence, they are truly an effective income-generator. charges .99 for a one-month membership while boasting about its 29 million members.

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