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There is also an area of strip lynchets and fields dating back to early Anglo Saxon times and perhaps as early as the Bronze Age, which is to the east of the town alongside the road to Lydstep.

There is a higher concentration near Manorbier Newton to the northwest.

Fortifications also seem to have been prominent including an Iron Age enclosure near Manorbier station and the site of a multivallate, meaning multiple ditches, promontory fort at Old Castle Head where there are remains of hut platforms within the ditches.

There are also some old lime kilns near the sites of quarries and a restored version in Mud Lane shows how they looked originally.

The Norman knight Odo de Barri was granted the lands of Manorbier, Penally and Begelly in gratitude for his military help in conquering Pembrokeshire after 1103.

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The King's Quoit cromlech is the most notable monument in the local area and is to be found to the south east of Manorbier bay and beach.

Later evidence points to occupation of The Dak with the finding of a perforated mace head as well as Bronze age burial mounds on the Ridgeway.

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