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It’s painful, we know, but you’re better off leaving that fab new Peter Pilotto dress in the closet.Patterns, and metallics for that matter, are apt to make the picture look too busy and detract from the center of attention (i.e. , women received anywhere from 4 to 7 per cent more emails from men when they wore red. If you EVER question him about getting a real trade (better known as JOB), he’s prepared to walk out on your ass because you “don’t support his hustle.” Boy stop…a “finna” career never pays the bills and THAT is why you and I can’t be. I believe that love can transcend all bounds, it sees no color and all that sweet sh*t but doesn’t this guy just LOOK like he’s wanting you to be his science experiment. This same dude has been working on a rap career since the arc was built and still don’t have shit to show for it but an Art Institute inspired CD cover and three tracks.But if a trout could operate a twelve-speed, chances are they’d take it for the occasional joyride.

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According to a new study conducted by the dating website,, user profiles featuring full-body shots receive a whopping 203 per cent more messages than those with cropped photos or close-ups. This probably has less to do with any outdated, misogynistic notion that a woman’s place is the home and more to do with the ambient, flattering lighting offered by said home.The goofball technicians at Team Jimmy Joe have scoured the planet to bring you the best of the worst sexy profile pic fails. From Bad Glamor shots to not hot Facebook and Internet Dating Site profiles, these un-seductive beauties clearly demonstrate what not to do if in you are in search of bagging a mate. If you’re not getting the results you want, there are usually two major reasons.Either your dating profile sucks, or your photos do.

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