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You should be trying to alkalize yourself or trying to cleanse yourself (or both at the same time? You should cut out fruit because it has too much sugar, or you should be living on an all-fruit diet like the fruitarians. Eating too much kale in an effort to lose weight can actually lower your metabolism (and affect a lot of other things that your thyroid controls). It's yummy almost any way you make it and it's healthy. There's no way anybody will have any issues with unicorn poop, right? It's good for you in moderation, just like everything else. They're not nutritionally the same given the goji berry's wealth of vitamins, but if you're watching your weight or if you're diabetic? Local means that the nutrients haven't broken down yet and it's …

You should give yourself coffee enemas because they detoxify your liver, but drinking the coffee through your mouth-hole is bad. It's a magical plant of health that everyone and their mother should be eating. healthier and organic-ier for the environment and you somehow, right?

I'm a Californian, so on the driver's license, we check a box that says, "Do you love avocados? It's considered a low-mercury fish, and you can safely eat 12 ounces of it per week (about two standard servings). So enjoy it, but don't live on it just because you read one article that says it's healthy.

About a zillionth the amount of fat that there is in the avocado.

Look how perfect her ballon knot looks when drenched in jizz!

Met him on CL last year and we fooled around a bunch of times over a five month period. Wife, kids, family, and all the no-strings sex on the side with suckers like you he could possibly ask for. I kept thinking this was a sign he wanted some action. Anyway, a couple years after I had moved, I was back visiting friends. He was particularly happy about a conquest at lunch and was blathering on and on about this hot schlong he ate at lunch.

How do these married guys hint that they'd be open to fooling around?

Click on the register link and enter your location and a few preferences and the system will scan the data base showing you how many suitable matches it has found.

These attractive couples share their most intimate secrets of making love!

Welcome to Lesbian X, the newest site from award winning director Mason.

Honestly, swear on my dad's grave, that I had no idea he was married. He didn't see him...would've been too embarrassing. He's probably happier than you are - he doesn't go home to an empty apartment every night. I wouldn't have gone through with anything but I was intrigued nonetheless. We fucked over the course of a year on and off before I moved to a different city. I was at a convenience store getting a soda out of the cooler. While we were talking, my coworker looked up and said, "don't look now, but he just walked into the department", I looked over discretely and a handsome man with a woman and a stroller with an infant and younger child.

He was handsome and masculine, which are what I go for. So I see him this morning in Target shopping in the toy dept with his two sons. I have to say I feel kind of creepy knowing I fucked around with a married guy. I'm glad I didn't let him see me...would've made things worse for him. Had a friend with a similar experience, however, much more awkward. When I shut it and turned around there he was with his son. I covered by acting like I didn't expect someone to be there when I turned around, said excuse me, and went around him. He didn't see us and proceeded to walk right towards us, when he finally made contact with my coworker, he turned beet red and quickly steered the other direction.

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