Pidgin status not updating Free non subcription sex chatrooms

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Do your friends really care what music you’re listening to?

Your friends Note: While Music Tracker seems to be the plugin that the maximum number of people have been successful in using, it appears that it sometimes crashes Pidgin as well (especially on non-ASCII characters in the title/artist).

We have a mix of Windows Lync, Mac Lync and Linux pidgin/sipe clients (totaling at about 1300) connecting to the Lync server.

Disabling and re-enabling the sipe account (or restarting pidgin) sorts the issue for a while but the problem will come back.

If you don't feel comfortable to post the log, then please email it (or the link to the pastebin page).

Plugins for Pidgin (the IM client formerly known as Gaim) that update the status message to show the currently playing track, somehow getting it from your music player.

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