Dating military men quotes

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We're a brotherhood of "warriors" --nothing more, nothing less, pure and simple.

We are in the ass-kicking business, and unfortunately, these days business is good."Somewhere a True Believer is training to kill you. I can remember standing in a land fill in southern Iraq where we began one of our attacks, and watching my guys so tired from lack of sleep....literally fall on the ground, with their gear on, on top of each other. The real stars are wearing body armor on top of their battle dress uniforms in 130 degree heat and they do not have stunt doubles to come in for them when the going gets rough and the bullets and the shrapnel start flying.

Serena : All I can say is when you find a successful black women who is not married and does not have children it is because they refuse to accept the two choices.

Some may go as far as marriage to a black guy but they realize divorce is inevitable so they do not have children.

For someone who has never served in the military, it is difficult to fully comprehend all the complicated ways military service weaves into the very fiber of one’s being.

Military members are broken down in boot camp and built up to not just be altered men and women, but trusted, forever soldiers.

It is the highest honor when received.” — Fawn Weaver “Marriage doesn’t make you happy–you make your marriage happy.” — Dr.

The decayed and degraded stench of the smoldering contents of a half of a 55 gallon drum, fired by diesel and stirred by the 1SGT’s worse screwup, is much worse.But I will wait forever and a day for you.” “Behind every soldier, there is an even stronger woman who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart.” “Some people look up to their heroes. He fights because he loves what he left behind.” “Only the strongest woman can survive missing half her heart.” “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” “Love doesn’t make the world go round.I’m in love with mine.” “The few hours I spend with you are worth the thousands of hours I spend without you.” “Half my heart is deployed.” “Anything worth having is worth waiting for.” “Loving a sailor is not hard. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” — Franklin P.These military wife quotes are just one of the things getting me through challenging days. “Hope is like a light, even the tiniest bit gets you through the darkness.” “You are my love, my protector, my hero, and no matter the distance, I will always wait for you.” “The longer the wait, the sweeter the kiss.” “A man in the military is worth waiting for.” “Together forever, never apart. He is my soulmate.” “You are my favorite hello and hardest goodbye.” “You’re worth every mile between us.” “You know you are a military spouse when relatives visit and think they hear thunder, and you have to explain it is just artillery.” “The smallest adventures lead you to the greatest happiness.” “Our love is greater than any deployment.” “Distance is only a test.” “Couples that are ‘meant to be’ are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were before.” “It doesn’t get easier.Maybe in distance, but never at heart.” “He’s not just a number. You just get stronger.” “Distance means so little when you love someone so much.” “Every minute feels like an hour, every hour feels like a day, every day feels like forever. But loving him…that’s the easiest thing I have ever done.” “A soldier doesn’t fight because he hates what is in front of him.

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