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The fear of an all-out American attack has emptied the cities and grossly swelled the queues at the border of Pakistan.Here in the countryside, thousands of townspeople are taking shelter with their kinsfolk.The news spreads like wild fire in the neighborhood and messengers hasten to distant places to break the happy tidings to paternal and maternal uncles etc. The person who breaks the good news first to a near relative receives a handsome reward in cash.

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This is because of the fact that the very existence of an individual under a tribal system, largely depends upon the strength of arms and man power.

Safa grew up in Azizyah, a district in Jeddah and is an alumna of the International Indian School in Jeddah.

Daughter of Mirza Farooq Baig, Safa was a model by profession and now works for a PR firm in Jeddah.

Because he could not control the direction of the balloon, no one knew where he would land.

Because Blanchard did not speak English, George Washington gave him a letter that said that all U. citizens were obliged to assist him to return to Philadelphia.

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